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Bespoke Days

New for 2022 are our Bespoke days in the woods. Perfect for families or groups of friends.

With a maximum of 5 people for £400 you have both Brian and Nicki tutoring you for the day.

We start with lighting the fire, making tea and chatting about willow, some of its history, how it is grown, prepared and its many uses.

Choose a project or two from the list below for the mornings activities.

Cook your own lunch over the fire.

Followed by more projects in the afternoon.


Get in touch with Nicki by email or phone to organise a date that works for you.

01306 884741

A variety of projects to make

 Creative projects to make.

Some can weave, some can whittle.




Bird Feeders

A family basket, where everyone weaves a layer.

A family garden tipi, again a group project.

Carve a spoon

Carve a butter knife

A variety of projects to make

Light the kelly kettle for teas and coffees.

Make the fire to cook your own food.

Suggested foods to bring.

Potato waffles

Burgers, Rolls, Sauces.

Chipolata sausages (not big ones please)

Chicken, Halloumi, Prawn skewers

Drop scone batter


Stuffed Bananas (In foil)

We provide: Plates, cutlery, serviettes, Cooking utensils, olive oil, salt, pepper, teas,coffees and hot chocolate.

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