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The Rectangular Zarzo Basket
Mini Zarzo (3).JPG

The Rectangular Zarzo

This Spanish basket is the one Brian, my husband loves to teach. It is very systematic to make and a perfect course for beginners.

Working in two different willow the sweeping swirls make it look beautiful.

Finishing  the handles off with Rose knots it is a beautiful basket to make and use.

This tends to run on a Tuesday but if you have a group of friends we can look at other dates

With an option of making 1 large basket or 2 smaller ones please let us know when booking. Thankyou.

June 11th

July 2nd

10 - 3.30pm   £85

For all bookings please send an email to

We have had issues with our email so please get in touch if you haven't heard back from us within 2 days. Thanks Nicki and Brian

01306 884741

Please state the course you're interested in, your name and how many people you'd like to book for. Thank you.

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