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Based in the Surrey Hills we run our courses from a small woodland or our home studio.
Nicki has taught for over 20 years and is passionate about sharing her knowledge.
We specialise in contemporary baskets, The Spanish Zarzo, Living Willow trees and garden plant supports. But are very flexible and can create a special course for you and your friends.
Please email with any inquiries.


Dates at a glance

December 16th White Willow Stars
January 16th The Very versatile Trug Full or
The Plant Pot Half Day
January 23rd The Rectangular Zarzo
January 24th Weaving Wednesday
Feb 3rd and 4th  Cutting the Willow
Feb 24th The Plant Pot Half day
March 9th  Living Willow Half Day
March 30th The Garden Plant Support Half Day

Willow and cane star with lights
Contemporary log baskets, kindling baskets, plaited baskets
Willow spanish style basket called the Zarzo
LIving willow in pots plaited into harlequin trees
Fruit, willow woven into a trug shaped basket

The Very Versatile Trug

Willow growing, cut and sized for weaving

Willow Cutting, Drying Storing,

      Soaking and Steaming 

Rush woven into mats, hats and basket
Garden plant supports made from hazel and willow.

Garden Plant Supports

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