Teaching Yoga is currently on hold as I am spending time deepening my own practise.

Private lessons are available so please do email me if you are interested.

Warm wishes Nicki.


I have been teaching yoga for over 25 years and it began studying Iyengar yoga with Terese Rumball, training with Ruth White until I found the style created by Vanda Scaravelli from Italy who initially learnt with Iyengar. I have recently been studying with Sandra Sabatini, a student of Vanda's for many years and Mikal Havkin who works with Sandra.

I have taught at the charity Combat Stress for the veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and at The Priory for clients in recovery. Specialising in anxiety, stress, eating disorders and restorative yoga for those with physical problems.

The classes are not exercise classes but classes for well being, realignment and are deeply relaxing and releasing. They take  you deep within yourself to become aware of the habitual tensions you hold in your body and undo them using the gravity and the breath. It is a very meditative, mindful slow style of somatic yoga that should leave you feeling as if you have had a massage with the benefit of realignment.

If you are new to my style of yoga please listen to the introduction and classes to help you understand my practise.

Then enjoy any of the recordings and feel free to share with friends and family who might benefit from this style of yoga.

I am not charging but any donations would be gratefully received.

Bank details N M Rowling  11-91-00   00712060      Ref Yoga.

Warm wishes, stay safe and well in the extraordinary times.



New clients it is very important that you listen to these audios first. Thank you.

You will need a mat and some blankets if you get cold and possibly for under your head.


The Gravity:

The Breath:

Working with the edge: and how to practise:


20 minute twists 1:

30 minute feet and hips:

30 minute back work:

30 min shoulders:

30 min releasing adductors and quads:

30 min standing postures:

Short Practices

10 minute Standing body scan:

To Finish

Meditation for deep relaxation: