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Plant Pots and Tea Trays

The hand woven plant pot in coloured willows on a wooden base.
Tea Trays.jpg

A lovely half day course creating a beautiful plant pot or a tea tray with leather handles.

We begin the day with coffee or tea and an introduction to the world of willow. How it is grown and prepared so you can make your basket.

Working from a pre- drilled, oiled wooden bases that we have prepared for you, you move on to learn trac borders and three rod wales . All terms for willow different weaves.

Using a variety of different colours that are available at that time we can create the beautiful plant pot. perfect for any corner of the house or a tea tray.

A great course for group bookings.

June 22nd  10-1pm

Half Day

Plant Pot £50

Tea Tray £60

Round or rectangular with rounded corners. with oak base and leather handles


This includes our preparation time to drill, sand and oil the bases, sort and soak the willow.

Please email if you are interested in this course

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