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Weaving Wednesdays

Small bespoke courses for individuals and groups.

Nicki  is available to discuss any projects that you would like to make


Include  a choice of , traditional baskets, shoppers, the Tiffin,  log baskets, different weaves and wood handled asymmetrical border baskets.


July 17th Full


Please email


Traditional willow woven baskets

Traditional Baskets £85

For the beginner.

Willow shopping baskets

Shopping Baskets. Oval oak based bases with willow weaving and leather handles. £110

The tiffin lunch basket

The Tiffin. Rounded corners rectangular, oak base with mixed media for weaving and

leather. £100

The Lovley log basket

Log baskets woven with rope weave on a wooden base 39cm wide. £120

Different weaves in willow

For previous weavers. Make 2 baskets

Practice or learn any if the following Double french randing, Zig zag or Irish weave, slewing, English randing, Rope Weave  £105

A symmetrical borders basket

A symmetrical borders £95 on a traditional base and £90 on a wooden base. Woven in a variety of coloured willows.

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