Contact Details and Directions

Nicki Rowling

To contact me please ring 01306 884741  or email

(I reply within a couple of days so please check your spam if you haven't heard from me or ring the above no)


07870 66 21 21 (Course Days only)

My mobile is to help with directions or to let me know if you are running late.


Balchins Lane, Westcott, Surrey, RH4 3LN

Please note this is my home studio address and the workshop is around the corner from my house. directions below. Thank you.

Directions To the Woodland Workshop

The workshop is situated just off the A25 in Westcott between Dorking and Guildford

RH4 3LN is the postcode to Balchins Lane, Westcott, Nr Dorking,

You turn  off left off Balchins Lane by No 1 Lakeview Cottages, the only row of cottages in the lane.

Follow the sign towards the Empty Box Company, Stockmans farm and IDP

The lane turns sharp left (please mind the mad cyclists) then past a large house on your left (Deerleap House)  and here you enter a wooded section.

The workshop is in the woodland on the left about 20yds past the entrance to Deerleap House. where a car is usually parked or a woven willow tipi.

Carry on driving and at the right hand turn park here, (do not drive down the right hand turn)

Either on the left side of the right hand turn by the signs to IDP, Stockman's Farm and the Empty Box Company or straight ahead on  the right hand side opposite the horse field.

From where you have parked at the junction walk back along the track to the entrance.
I will have my mobile on in case you get lost. 07870 66 21 21.

Please note this number is only used on course days.

Directions to Wotton Village Hall RH5 6QQ

The hall is on The A25 between Dorking and Guildford. about 1 1/2 miles from the village of Westcott

It can be found at the back of The Wotton Hatch Pub car park.

Directions to the Home Studio 01306 884741

Turn into Balchins Lane  and drive pass the large houses  until you see a row of cottages on your left.

5 Lakeview Cottages

Balchins Lane




Please park in the drive or by numbers 9 and 10 lakeview Cottages where the road widens.

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