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Knife skills and Scalloming

Knives, scalloms and clips

A day in the woods learning how to sharpen your knives and secateurs.(Bring your own secateurs) and improve your knife skills

Once sharpened they are ready for use to create some greenwood gypsy clips that are perfect for sealing bags of coffees and crisps.


Taking your knife skills even further we teach you how to make scalloms on rods of willow.


This is a basket making technique that allows you to attach your uprights to a frame that you can then weave around to make a basket that will hang on the wall.

October 23rd Full Day £85

For all bookings please send an email to

We are having issues with my email so please get in touch if you haven't heard back from us within 2 days. Thanks Nicki and Brian

01306 884741

Please state the course you're interested in, your name, contact number (for emergency use only) and how many people you'd like to book for.

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